meet ESther

Hello! I’m a branding and portriat photographer based in Washougal Washington (right outside of Portland in the incredible columbia river gorge) 

I love creating romantic ethereal imagery and would love to create magic with you. 

I know what it is like to open your image gallery and gasp with excitement, poring over the images with tears streaming down your face while you laugh and think THIS, this is me.. captured in this beautiful way so I can revisit this time over and over again. I want to create that experience for every client I work with. For people to be seen, to shine and see themselves in the best possible light. 

Whether I’m capturing your family or your brand I want to create images with feeling that tell a story about you that resonates throughout time. 


When I’m not shooting you can find me hanging out with my sweet daughter, reading a book, or probably sewing a dress. 

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