I never ever get tired of photographing my beautiful best friend Danielle. We had extra fun this time when her giant furry babies Oakley and Brody tagged along for the shoot. They are absolute giant teddy bears and the sweetest most gentle dogs I\’ve ever met. Now that I\’m used to them I forget what it was like the first few times I was around them thinking that they were miniature horses in disguise. Neal and Danielle are hands down the nicest most caring people that we have ever had the privilege of being friends with and I feel so blessed to have them and their giant horse dogs in our lives.

While I\’m at it, I will give a quick shameless plug to their business Twill Auto¬†, if you are ever in need of a mechanic they are honest and go above and beyond in everything they do.

This session was shot with my Mamiya 645 AFD and FUJI 400 film developed at Indie Film Lab.


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  1. Hi your photos are amazing, did you shot this with the 2.8 lens or 1.9? Been contemplating of buying the mamiya, just dont know if the 2.8 is enough

    1. Thank you so much! These were all on the 2.8 but I also love the 1.9, it is really fun to work with!

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